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Balance Pilates Services

At Balance Pilates we recognize the needs of our clients. Each class provided is taught by skilled professional instructors and performed in a private studio. Inspiring music and personal attention help to create a motivating workout environment.

Gentle Pilates

Balance Pilates provides specialized classes that are lead by certified instructors within the Industry. All of our Pilates instructors have trained at toronto’s prestigious BODY HARMONICS studio, Canadas leading certification and instructional school for Pilates.


Learn Yoga from qualified Yoga instructors at the Balance Pilates Yoga Center. Pura Vida Urban has some great yoga classes at their Prospect Heights studio. Click here for more about that. Learn more about Yoga: here.


Our classes are lead by certified Zumba instructors who are licensed under the Zumba certification program. These classes are a blast and are a great way to get in shape and lose weight.

BootCamp Pilates

BootCamp Pilates encompasses a fusion of high cardio and and resistance band stretching and toning techniques. This class is lead by a certified instructor that will take you through a work out designed to get you into shape.

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A Positive Image

At Balance Pilates, we are committed to empowering woman through positive self-change, motivation and physical wellness.
Pilates will improve your confidence as well as your physical being. Pilates is a unique way of exercise targeting core muscles, while treating the body as a whole. Pilates will help you look and feel your very best any time of the day. At Balance, we recognize each person’s needs and will help you gain the body you have always wanted. We promote modified movement, integrating both basic and classical Pilates exercises to suit each body. You will walk out of the class feeling refreshed and energized. Let us inspire you for positive change!

Daily Savings

Bring a friend and get 30% off one of our Drop-In classess.

  • A relaxing, social and fun opportunity for fitness and well-being is offered through our various drop-in classes. If you get bored on machines, following dvds, or prefer a “Women Only” environment, our group classes are an amazing way to follow a structured workout.
  • Get a 3, 6, or 12 month membership and receive a gift card valued at $75, $120, or $225.
  • The gift card goes towards a treatment of your choice at “THE FACIAL PLACE” located in Whitby.
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Toning Pilates classes target core muscles while treating the body as a whole. You will feel the results instantly! Join Pilates to feel stronger and more beautiful than ever!


Zumba class

Each fantastic Zumba class is structured by one of Durham’s most recognized instructors. This upbeat class will have you smiling from ear to ear while getting the workout of your life!

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Belly Dancing


HONOUR YOUR BODY! Explore the soft, beautiful ways the body can move! This class is for women of all ages. Learn how to move gracefully and walk out with confidence!

Bootcamp Pilates

Bootcamp Pilates

Bootcamp Pilates offers non-stop repetition and flowing movement! Each class works deep into the core to tone stomach, legs, arms and back. Gain strength and a beautifully toned body by joining this class today!

Cardio Kickboxing

Cardio Kickboxing

Feel more empowered and confident! Join this high intensity cardio to burn calories and get into shape!

Addiction Treatment Through exercise

We also offer a discount for those suffering from drug and alcohol addictions–we believe that addiction is an incurable disease–one that takes down many good people and should be stopped in its tracks. Healthy living is an important part of sobriety, and working out is a big part of healthy living. If you are in a recovery community like a rehab or sober living you can get 25% off. To find a rehab or sober living, you can use a free service offered by friends and family of drug addicts. Click here for more information.

Athletic supplements

Athletes of all types can benefit from supplementing their diet with an all natural supplement like chondroiten or glucosamine. You can reduce joint pain, increase athletic performance and much more; all naturally, without the use of illegal substances. For the best sports nutrition supplements, especially for golf, tennis, and running you can head over to HealthiPlus at and find the best sports supplement for your game.